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Oct 28, 2022

In this episode Bevin Niemann joins me to talk real-life recovery and healing from multiple addictions.  

Like many of the guests on this show, her story is one of hope and healing and incredible transformation.

Today, Bevin helps intuitive empaths live each day with peace, connection, self-trust, and purpose. Through the Empowered Sensitive Leaders community, she teaches sensitives from across six continents to craft a lifestyle and career that lights them up! She served as the three-time host of The Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit, which reached 60,000 participants from 105 countries. She also produced the Lightworker’s Festival for Global Unity. Her writing has been featured on Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, GenX Woman, Spiritual Biz Magazine, and the Mind Body Spirit Network.

Bevin resides in the Chihuahuan Desert with her partner Juan. She is a sacred activist, avid gardener, bookworm, and intuitive edge-walker. Interact with Bevin and become a sensitive lifestyle designer at

If you are interested in checking out the group where I keep meeting these incredible women who've created incredible lives while working a program of recovery, you can check out the facebook group here.