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Thank you so much for listening! 

Sep 29, 2021

In this episode, you get to hear the real-life recovery story of Adun S. they share their story of finding their way into recovery and self-transformation to create a life they never imagined was possible.

Adun is a Holistic Recovery Specialist, Transformational Life Coach, Spirit Bridge Practitioner, Animist Minister, and Intuitive Healer, that embraces and honors the grit that goes into what we call the inner work. Adun uses different healing modalities such as drum journeying, meditation, and empowerment circles to aid in the healing of those in need. Their main goal is to be the catalyst of change, and bring the world from “hurt people hurting people” to “healed people healing people.” The journey to “light and love” is one that will also guide you to some of the darkest places within yourself, ultimately discovering there is healing and light to be found there, too. 

Adun has dug deep into their own self, continues to have tea regularly with their demons, and dedicates their life to transmuting it all into the light that can be felt shining through them today. 

Their guidance involves teaching others to show up for themselves in moments of hurt, lack of self-confidence, feeling lost, learning to recognize self-limiting beliefs & invoke new narratives that will change the game. 

With a willingness to shatter old realities and make way for those more empowered - Adun is here to guide you through, to embody the new, and embrace every sunrise to the fullest.

Links:  (This is the link to their free recovery group)

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