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Jul 21, 2022

Devyne is in recovery from self-harm and she shares her story of healing and hope. Her story is a great reminder that there is no such thing as too young to recovery.  Since finding recovery Devyne has found ways to continue her healing while embrading her ambitioun.  

Devyne is Chicago-native recording artist and serial entrepreneur, owning 3 businesses! She is the Founder/CEO of music production company, MooShooBeatz Productions,  Vice President and Business Development at media consulting company, Devyne Business Consulting. Lastly, and the co-founder of luxury clothing brand, Lusso Grandeur.

Be sure to get in touch to thank her for sharing her experience strength and hope also check out her social media to follow and long and support her entreprenerial journey.



Check out her music on Beat Stars

Visit her website

Follow the fashion on Lusso Grandeur

As always if I can be a supportive person in your recovery community or you'd like to join me for an episode or share podcast ideas reach out anytime via email