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Aug 19, 2022

In this episode I talk with Tanya Russ about her expereince recovering from codepency and self-neglect. Tany is a certified master life coach and owner of Classy Touch CHIC Boutique & Self-care Suite, and a domestic violence victim’s assistant for the Clarksville Police Department.
In an effort to fulfill her life’s purpose of glorifying God and helping to build his Kingdom, Ms. Russ finds pleasure in lovingly leading others into their God-given purpose in life as well. As a single-mother that has overcome many of life’s obstacles and adversity; it is her desire to educate, encourage, and empower other women (personally and professionally) to do the same for them too to achieve all that God has in store for them to receive.
Her passion to see other women consistently progress in all areas of life. This is what has fueled her to share the importance of INTENTIONAL self-care in women. Having experienced burnout, depression, anxiety and even stress from life’s events; it is her desire to see the beautiful woman within to evolve in ways even they could never imagine.
Tanya Russ has written and published four books; “21 Day Journey with Jesus,” “7 Principles to Press Into the Presence of God,” the “Join the Journey Prayer Journal,” and lastly “The Balancing Act,’ a collaborative book written by 10 certified life coaches teaching strategies and providing tools and resources for women to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.
Mrs. Russ enjoys serving and supporting others daily embracing Psalm 100:3 and sharing her moto, “It’s only by the grace of God that I am who I am” as a testament of the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the honor she lives to give HIM daily for all that HE has done for her. 
If you'd like to thank Tanya for sharing her experience be sure to get in touch with her on facebook. If you'd like to join her BOSS Lady Movement join the group here. You can also check out the self care items in her botique here
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