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Sep 15, 2021

In this episode, you get to hear the real-life recovery story of Amy Guerrero and her story of finding the way into a self-created pathway to healing.

On a journey to heal her trauma Amy stumbled (pun intended) into a conscious sober lifestyle and her deeper purpose to support people.

Today, Amy supports sober people to heal past traumas to feel more freedom, pleasure & purpose, to create healthy relationships & thrive. She was confident no single approach to healing and living a conscious sober life would work for her so why would it work for anyone else? Amy got busy educating herself, training and working with people in somatic experiencing, attachment theory and other trauma-informed modalities and relating it to living a conscious sober lifestyle.

You can register for Amy's complimentary three day Bridge to Trust experience here

Other ways to get in touch with Amy or learn more about her: