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Aug 12, 2023

In this episode of the Ambitious Addicts Podcast, host Terra Carbert sits down with Jordii Chevalier for an inspiring conversation on real-life recovery.

Jordii is a passionate spiritual life coach with a focus on life transitions. She is double certified as a Spiritual life coach by Starseed Academy as well as Life Purpose Institute. She is also trained to consult on human design by Starseed Academy, this along with her intuitive gifts allow Jordii to guide her clients through the process of rediscovering themselves.

Her mission is to help people find who they really are, and embrace their calling by empowering them to speak their truth and overcome whatever blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of that. She is very passionate about her mission, as she gathered all of these lessons in her own journey of self-discovery. Throughout her life journey, she experienced, growing up in the Dominican Republic, moving to the USA at the age of 13, lots of unhealthy relationships, divorce, toxic coping mechanisms, depression and so much more, which all led to her discovering her life purpose. 

From finding purpose and personal growth to understanding the importance of being a friend to oneself, Jordi shares her journey of overcoming past hardships and embracing a new, fulfilling life.

Join us as we explore the power of telling the hard truth, the significance of healthy relationships, and the transformative effects of self-acceptance.

Plus, discover the fascinating tool of Human Design that can help individuals understand themselves better and unlock their true potential.

Tune in to this episode of Ambitious Addicts and be inspired to step into your own dreams and hopes.

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